Hello and welcome to  my website, the online place I have created just to give you a hint about who I am and what to  expect if you decide to  meet me, to arouse your senses, your imagination and desire even before seeing each other in person in an intimate surrounding.

You found and chose my website among all others. Your instincts tell you that you are so close to the utmost fascinating experience, the seductive dance of two minds, bodies and souls.

I might get addictive just by exchanging emails with me, you will start thinking constantly about me, about us, and you might have a hard time waiting for our date. Thinking about the big smiles on both our faces when we will meet, about the time we are going to spend together... 

Until we actually see each other I will be the girl that travels alongside you in your dreams.  

About me, I can tell you that I have been born and raised in the center of Bucharest in a very respectable intellectual family where education, refinement and common sense were considered priced possessions and love and tenderness always cherished and nurtured. I travel a lot, I studied abroad and i am an appreciated interior designer. French and Italian style are my classic muses while the Norwegian, Swedish and Canadian are my modern inspirations. Yet, I have always found Asia to be fascinating and I am happy as a child on Christmas morning every time when I get the chance to  Explore the Far East. 

I just turned 30 and looking back I can see I gained a bit of life experience and wisdom. Looking further I am going to achieve more and someday to share my stories with the new generation to come. 

I have been blessed with a well balanced and fit body, a feminine figure . I am only 5'5 tall but that never bothered me as I find it to be perfect and delicate. I like the classic-elegant appearance and I am always paying attention on what I am wearing. I am not into strong colors or dramatic dress cuts, statement hairstyle or flashy shoes. I prefer subtle elegance something of a refined taste, something that invites you to discover me slowly and softly.....