I enjoy this secret side of life, yet, this is  something I do only on a part-time basis.  I also have a career, a social life and other projects or interests i am involving myself in, as well. I love embracing my femininity and all that comes with being a woman...and I do get an incredible rush from seducing you with just a look, a word or a touch, and making you wanting me .. 

I am based in Europe and I am available worldwide by invitation, I do not do tours. 

I lead a full life, so in favor of having time for my personal projects and remaining low-volume -  I only  see a few gentlemen per week as I'm discerning with whom I spend my time I am sure you do too.

It is helpful In your initial contact to include an introduction of yourself, so I can get a taste for who you are and find commonalities between us. Discerning, affluent, articulate, playful and generous gents are most welcome.

 It is best to contact me at least one-week in advance to better ensure the probability of securing my time for your preferred date & location. Please note that I am never available to meet same-day or on a short notice..